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What we do…

ABTC registered, positive reinforcement dog and puppy training.

Happy Go Puppy offers fun, positive reinforcement dog and puppy training. Mentored by the world-renowned Gwen Bailey, fully certified and registered with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC), you can rest assured that we will use kind methods and give effective advice. Happy Go Puppy offers group Puppy School classes as well as Private Training Courses and 1 to 1 Sessions.


Puppy school

Enrol now for June:

21st October - 8.15pm (FULLY BOOKED)

18th November - 6.45pm (3 spaces available)

6th January - 6.45pm (6 spaces available)

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Rachel gave me the confidence and skills to handle my puppy. I have 2 young children so needed to get matters under control as soon as possible and with Rachel’s help I now know I have the perfect family dog that I always wished for. Thanks Rachel, you’re a star!
— Jane & Fiver the Goldendoodle
The puppy training we received from Rachel was straightforward, effective and confidence giving and backed up with really helpful and clear notes after each session that made it easy to carry on with the training
— Karen & Lottie the Whippet
Rachel is a great communicator and made our puppy lessons enjoyable and easy-to-understand. She’s always on hand for that extra bit of advice and we can’t recommend her highly enough. She made puppy training fun - and that’s what counts!
— Steve & Marco, owners of Nelson the Pug X Pugalier
It’s so helpful to have someone experienced come in and give you advice that suits your dog and your situation. Rachel’s really good at listening to questions and coming back with thoughtful answers, and she is encouraging and made me feel like I was doing well. Also, my dog loves her! Ten weeks since I brought him home, he’s so well behaved and our home is a relaxed place to be – I think a lot of that is due to Rachel’s advice.
— Jennifer & Piet the Mini-Dachshund


1 to 1 Training

Private tuition is offered at times convenient for you in the comfort of your own home and/or nearby park. These sessions are tailored to your needs and include detailed reports. Contact us for more info!

My story

Rachel alexander

Having come into the animal behaviour world relatively recently (2010 when I started volunteering at a local animal rescue centre), I became passionate about animal welfare and particularly the effect on the behaviour of animals that have been mistreated or faced some sort of trauma (either by humans or by their environment). Soon after, I quit my fast paced account and event management role and started a job as a dog walker. I quickly became fascinated in animal rehabilitation and the positive reinforcement methods adopted by a local dog trainer that I had started assisting for at the time. These techniques seemed like a wonderful and fresh approach to raising our dogs (far from the experience my family had with our dog when I was growing up) and that led me to deepen my theoretical knowledge and delve further into the science behind these techniques. 8 years later, with almost 5 years of training experience now under my belt, I continue to learn. I thrive on new insights into the training and behaviour realm and hope that the skills I’ve learned make a small mark on the world (or South East London at least) in making our furry best friend’s lives and their owners the best they can be!