1 to 1 Training

Private tuition, tailored to your needs. Suitable for puppy’s and dog’s of all ages.

Private Training Course


The Private Training Course provides training to puppies and dogs of all ages and takes place in the comfort of your own home and nearby park. Each course is tailored according to your needs and your dog or puppy’s current level of training and we aim to cover a wide range of obedience basics. You can also add any specific training needs if you wish.

Exercises may include recall, walking nicely on a lead, stay, drop and leave. We will also cover preventative management for undesired behaviour such as jumping up or excessive barking (plus much more). You will receive a detailed report after each session.

Puppy Sessions


Welcoming a puppy into your home is undoubtedly one of the most exciting things that can happen but can also feel quite overwhelming. In this session, we will go through everything to ensure you are the most well-prepared pooch parent in town!

Advice will be given on the essential things to buy ahead of time, how to puppy proof your home, transporting your fur-baby home from the breeder and how best to introduce your new pup to existing pets and children. These sessions are tailored according to your lifestyle and home environment.



This session takes place at your home within a few weeks of your puppy arriving.  We will help you continue to settle your puppy into their new home environment by going through the very basics of puppy training such as toilet training, crate training, handling, getting used to a lead and/or harness and play biting/mouthing.

You can book this session on its own to help you get your puppy’s life at home heading in the right direction or as a precursor to Puppy School or a Private Training Course, where you and your puppy will advance your training to puppy life skills and basic obedience.  

1 to 1 Sessions

1 to 1 TRAINING SESSIONS - £60 (90 MINS)

1 to 1 sessions focus on a specific area of training such as recall or lead training and lasts for 90 minutes. These sessions can also be booked to look in detail at behaviour issues such as jumping up, excessive barking, chewing in the house and resource guarding. We will go through a behaviour modification plan that you can put into practice immediately. You will receive a detailed report and/or training plan after the session.  

**All sessions that take place after 6pm or at weekends incur a £10 additional fee**